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The secure base
With the alarm system set JK-84, you can protect your property against theft and vandalism, thanks to the latest wireless alarm technology. The basic package includes the most important wireless components and extensive accessories, e.g. RFID card for wireless activation or switching of the system. The system provides great extensibility which makes it particularly appealing and convenient to use. For example, with the PC interface JA-82T and the supplied software, it is possible to program the alarm centre via a computer. Simply adapt the system to suit your needs.

Wireless alarm system set, certified, 868 MHz

  • Completely wireless alarm system
  • Quick and easy installation, because all components are pre-programmed and already registered at the alarm centre JA-82KR
  • Great extensibility
  • Scope of delivery:

    • Wireless alarm centre JA-82KR with 50 wireless alarm loops and 4 wired alarm loops
    • Wireless LCD control panel JA-81F with RFID card reader
    • Wireless motion detector JA-83P
    • Wireless reed contact JA-83M
    • Wireless indoor siren JA-80L
    • 4-channel wireless hand-held transmitter RC-86W in key pendant design
    • RFID access card PC-01 for LCD control panel JA-81F and external keypad JA-80H, available at option
    • Rech. lead battery 12 V/2.6 Ah

For specifications, please refer to the individual items.
Wireless alarm centre and components of security level 2
certified according to
EN 50131-1
CLS/TS 50131-5-3
EN 50131-5-3
EN 50131-6
some detectors additionally according to:
EN 50131-2-2
EN 50131-2-6





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