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Show laser effect unit

  • 2 laser diodes: red (100 mW, 650 nm) and green (50 mW, 532 nm)
  • 5 LEDs, 3 W each (red, green, blue, white and amber)
  • 8 strobe LEDs, 1 W each (white)
  • Mirror ball effect and stroboscopic effect, animated light spots (laser and LED)
  • Operating modes: DMX, music-controlled, automatic and master/slave
  • 9 DMX channels
  • 7 automatically run show programs and 7 music-controlled programs
  • Music-controlled via integrated microphone
  • Power supply: 230 V˜/50 Hz/35 VA
  • Dimensions: 26x25x22 cm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Class 3R laser

Laser class 3R
The accessible laser radiation is hazardous to the human eye if the beam diameter has been narrowed by optical instruments. The maximum output power is five times higher than the limit value of the laser class 1 or 2.
When using a class 3R laser, the operator has to appoint a laser safety officer in writing (BGV B2 = German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association regulation B2)! Laser safety officers must have requisite qualifications!
An approval is required for class 3R lasers!





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